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I would like to share some thoughts with you from the "secret world" behind the
creation of this special nightwear line. 

Our focus on a meticulous design which appeals to those with discerning tastes led to
the creation of this modern, feminine, sensual, sophisticated, and timeless garment.

The highest standard of craftsmanship, combined with a superb choice of fabric and
lace, reveals the excellence of this garment. This distinguished nightwear, cut on the
diagonal grain - the bias, provides the greatest elasticity and stretch and has a soft
suppleness that is unmistakable.  It is both chic and sleek and does not hang on the
body, but gracefully flows together with the curves of the wearer.

Skillful seamstresses finely balance the seams while the fabric is extremely stretchy.
The garment permits you to move easily and comfortably while it hugs the body
perfectly, achieving an unparalleled “look and feel” with close to no use of seams and darts.

This garment is about being special. It has real authenticity and is not mass produced.
 "Old techniques" and some hand sewing were required in its creation.
As you can see, love, style, artisanship, and skill all work together to bring you this
luxurious nightwear.

Good night and sweet dreams,  

Donna   Reis

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